Parking, made simple.

Expect more from the meter.

Or text app to mobile phone

Forget pocket change

  • Easily park your car with your phone
  • iOS, Android, or Text Messaging
  • Avoid long lines or frustrating kiosks
  • Billed at the end of every month
  • We charge the same rates as the city

Don’t worry

  • Reminders sent to your phone when time runs low
  • Auto top-up if you forget
  • Safe and secure payments handled by Stripe™
  • Use any major credit card or visa debit

Live your life

  • We help prevent tickets by parking you when you forget
  • Easily park a friend or family member
  • Don’t drink and drive! HotSpot will automatically prevent tickets the morning after.


  • In-store validations
  • Time limit extensions
  • HotSpot Ticket Defender activates while in-store, keeping you safe.
  • Local Business Directory